Sreeja Kodali, Co-President

Sreeja is a junior in Saybrook College from New Jersey majoring in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. She hopes Mind Matters continues to educate its members and community about mental illness. While she loves Mind Matters speaker events and discussions, she is especially proud that Mind Matters creates platforms for people with mental illness to share their stories and its collaboration with the greater Yale, New Haven, and Connecticut communities. She is specifically interested in destigmatizing mental illness and the intersection of mental illness with different identities. Outside of Mind Matters, you can find her advocating for policy changes through the Student Advisory Committee to Mental Health and Counseling, doing research at the Lemmon Lab at the Yale School of Medicine, and dancing for Yale Jashan Bhangra.


 Audrey Luo, Co-President

Hailing from New Jersey, Audrey is a senior Psychology major in Silliman College, concentrating in the neuroscience track. Audrey was inspired to get involved with Mind Matters after seeing family and friends struggle with mental illness and reading works by Kay Redfield Jamison on bipolar disorder in high school. Audrey is especially interested in neuroscience, the prevention of mental illness, and community mental health care, and through Mind Matters, hopes to encourage students to prioritize mental health, seek needed treatment, and support struggling peers. Outside of Mind Matters, Audrey is passionate about singing, and performs with Living Water and the Yale Glee Club.


 Michael Berry, Communications Coordinator

Michael Berry is a senior Psychology major in Berkeley College, concentrating in the neuroscience track. He is passionate about improving the state of mental health and wellbeing on Yale’s campus, particularly through efforts to destigmatize discussion surrounding mental illness and make information about how to get help readily available and accessible to everyone. Outside of Mind Matters, Michael is also a member of the Mental Health Advisory Board to Yale Health, a Peer Wellness Champion and a member of the Wellness Project Committee. He is also a huge audiophile and can often be found marching around campus wearing earphones. Most of all, he is excited to help Mind Matters make progress in its efforts to include discussions of race and body image through events this semester!


 Emma Goodman, Media and Design Coordinator

Emma is a sophomore in Saybrook College, majoring in the neuroscience track of Psychology. She was inspired to get involved with Mind Matters after attending an event on bipolar disorder featuring Kay Redfield Jamison last year, and after witnessing several friends struggle with mental illness. Emma is especially thrilled that Mind Matters gives students with mental illness a platform to share their stories, and creates an open environment for discussion. She hopes that Mind Matters continues to spread awareness of mental health resources available to students, advocate to shape mental health policy at Yale, and make an effort to reach outside of Yale to the greater New Haven community. In her free time, Emma loves to be outdoors, try new food, read, and make music. She plays the clarinet, ukulele, and sings!


 Caitlin Walsh, Treasurer

Caitlin is a junior in Timothy Dwight College majoring in History. She is very excited about working with Mind Matters this year and facilitating funding for all of the group’s amazing programs and advocacy efforts. Outside of Mind Matters, she serves as the Financial Coordinator for Dwight Hall, Vice President of the Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative and on the board of the Yale Undergraduate Title IX Student Advisory Board. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys hiking, organizing movie and music nights with her friends, and, during the winter months, longing for California weather.


 Elizabeth Zordani, Events Coordinator

Elizabeth is a junior Psychology major in Silliman College hailing from Chicago, Illinois. She immediately joined Mind Matters after attending the group’s event with Kay Redfield Jamison last year, and is interested specifically in mood disorders and raising awareness about important mental health topics. She is a varsity athlete on the Women’s Tennis Team, and loves to sing, draw, spin, meditate, and binge-watch “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” in her free time. She is excited to educate and impassion others about the importance of mental health, and seeks to encourage dialogue and openness around mental illness.